DVD to WMV Software


DVD (Digital Video Disc) is an optical data storage device which can hold large capacities of digital data like high quality video and movies. A VOB (DVD Video Object or Versioned Object Base) file is a container format for DVD video files. An explanation of VOB files is beyond the scope of this article, but a study of the software part of the DVD format is essentially a study of the VOB container file format.

iSofter DVD to WMV ConverterWMV (Windows Media Video ) files are files which can be played on Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. WMV is essentially a set of video codecs developed by Microsoft for integrating a media framework along with it’s Windows operating system.

The container format for .wmv files is the ASF format, which is also built to support AVI files, again and not surprisingly, basically used to play, store and transfer media files on computers with the Windows operating system and WMV compatible media players.

So you have a great DVD or DVD’s, with lots of videos and songs. Now you want to pick and choose the ones you like best and dump them into a folder on your PC. Maybe you want to share the songs with your friends, or collect videos from different DVD’s to make one magnificent  DVD. Well, you need to convert the relevant sections into WMV. DVDs to WMV format pic

What we’re looking at here basically is a DVD ripper which supports conversion into WMV format. Available tools or DVD rippers include the DVD Decrypter, which is open-source and free, or you can opt for a professional ripping tool which will help you pump out WMV files from a source DVD or DVD’s with your eyes closed and very little in the way of technical know-how required. These professional DVD to WMV converters, like the iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum, come built-in with all the necessary codecs and players to help you view, select, edit and convert parts or all of your DVD to WMV.